Our History

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Like the first century church, Straits Baptist Church. had a humble beginning.  It started in January 1994.  After spending several months developing relationships with neighbors, Pastor Ian and Sherri Buntain began the first English Bible study group in their home at Taman Sentosa, Bukit Baru, Melaka. There were 5 people present at that first meeting.


Twelve months later in December of 1994, we were given permission to use the auditorium of Malacca Baptist Church for our first English service.


Four years later in December 1998, we rented and moved into the first floor of a shophouse at Melaka Raya vacated by another church.  The Church was then officially known as Straits Baptist Church, Melaka hereinafter referred to as SBC.  SBC had its inauguration service on April 4, 1999.


We thank God that in response to our prayers, He led us, by a series of good timing and events, to move into Bukit Beruang.
In obedience to God, we took a step of faith in signing the sale and purchase agreement for the purchase of this freehold land and building on April 19, 2001.  
God, through His grace and providence, provided all the necessary funds to pay for this property and the cost of renovation.
SBC moved into this building on November 25, 2001, and had the first worship service there on December 16, 2001.  On February 2004, by the grace of God, SBC purchased the adjacent building.  The renovation was completed in October 2004.  A dedication and thanksgiving service was held on December 31, 2004.


Chinese Congregation

Started when the church moved to Melaka Raya.  A group of Chinese speaking members from Malacca Baptist Church decided to join SBC in starting a new Chinese service.  The congregation was cared for by Pastor Soong.

BM Congregations:

Sungai Udang –  In April 2006, Brother Lawrence Chong, as Elder of SBC, invited Pastor Daud to consider starting a Bahasa service in the church in Bukit Beruang.  Pastor Daud joined initially as a part-time pastor in reaching out to the East Malaysians working in Malacca.  In December 2006, he came on board the church as a full-time pastor for the Bahasa Congregation and moving the service to Sg Udang as most of the members were serving in the Army Camp in Sg Udang.  In February 2012, the church decided to ordain Pastor Daud.
Mersing –  In 2009, Captain Henry, a key leader in the Bahasa Congregation in Sg Udang, was transferred to Mersing to cater to the East Malaysians serving in the camp in Mersing.  With this in mind, the church engaged Pastor James Gunarso Serung to start a new church in Mersing. With the help from Dr. Lai, a member of the Presbyterian Church in Mersing, a place was identified for the new church.   In 2013, the church moved across the road to a bigger venue to cater for the growth.
MersingIn March 2017, in view of the lack of workers and the distance, it was decided to hand over the Mersing Ministry to the SIB Church as they were at that time, considering to start a new work there.

Tamil Congregations:

In June 2016, the Church was able to identify Pastor Easudas Joseph, to help start a ministry outreach to the Tamil speaking community.

A small group of 20 people gathered for the first service on June 12, 2016.

BM Congregations (TBM):

In October 9th 2022, Ps Richard was tasked with the responsibilities of establishing our BM evening service in the main church in Taman Bukit Melaka. Together with his wife and children, the BM service started with 30 people.


English Congregation:

1. Rev Ian Buntain
(Founding Pastor: January 1994 – December 1998)
2. Rev Soong Kok Kee
(January 1999 – September 2007)
3. Rev Joshua Krishnan
(February 2008 – January 2009)
4. Rev Ronnie Chiu
(February 2009 – present)
5. Rev Michael Ng (Lay Pastor)
(February 2012 – present)
6. Pas. Phillip Chong (Lay Pastor)
(December 2022 – present)

Chinese Congregation:
1. Pastor Kuyper Goh
(September 2002 – December 2007)
2. Rev James Leong
(October 2010 – December 2013)
3. Rev Princeton Tay (Associate Pastor)
 (April 2014 – present)
4. Pastor Victor Liong
(February 2018 –  April 2022)

BM  Congregation (Sg. udang):

1. Rev Daud Lugun (Sg Udang)
(December 2006 – December 2014)
2. Pastor James Gunarso Serung (Mersing)
(February 2010 – December 2015)
3. Pastor Jitai Mugong 
(December 2015 – present)

BM Congregation (TBM):

1. Pastor  Richard Damping
(Oct 9 2022 – present)

Tamil Congregation:

1. Pastor Easudas Joseph
(June 2016 – present)