Our Vision

SBC Motto

Our Vision

To be a Christ Centred, Caring, Community Church

Our Mission

Intentionally reaching out to people across generations and cultures/language groups in multiple locations

Our Core Values

• Empowering Leadership
• Gift Orientated Ministries
• Holistic Care Groups
• Passionate Spirituality
• Needs Orientated Evangelism
• Agape Relationships

Our theme for 2023 is

“Seek, Serve, Share”

based on Matthew 28:19-20.

Seeking  God’s Purpose

Serving God’s Community

Sharing God’s Goodness

Moving Out of Comfort Zone

  1. Intergenerational Ministry
  2. Going One Step Further in Ministry
    • Growth in Ministry (Expand)
    • Greater Risk for Christ (Extend)
    • Giving More of Self (Engaging)
    • Going Further (Evangelism)
  3. Doing “Life” Together

God’s Purpose4U

  • Worship        – Be a MAGNIFIER (worshiper) of Christ’s glory.
  • Fellowship    – Be a MEMBER (encourager) of Christ’s family.
  • Disciples        – Be a MODEL (learner) of Christ’s character.
  • Ministry        – Be a MINISTER (servant) of Christ’s grace.
  • Evangelism   – Be a MESSENGER (witness) of Christ’s Good News.

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